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43 Star Flag

Years Flown: 1890 - 1891

US Presidents:

The 43 Star Flag became official on July 4th, 1890. Five stars were added for the admission of North Dakota (November 2nd,1889), South Dakota (November 2nd,1889), Montana (November 8th,1889), Washington (November 11th,1889), and Idaho (July 3rd, 1890) and flew for 1 year.

Politics and Government


March 29, 1890: The United States 1890 Census revealed a population of 62,947,714.


July 25, 1890: Wyoming is admitted as the 44th U.S. state.


September 18, 1890: The Sherman Antitrust Act is signed into law, aiming to curb monopolistic business practices.


October 28, 1890: The United States Congress passes the McKinley Tariff Act, raising tariffs to protect American businesses.


December 15, 1890: Hunkpapa Lakota leader Sitting Bull is killed during an attempt to arrest him.


January 29, 1891: The United Mine Workers of America is founded in Columbus, Ohio.


Science, Medicine and Technology



September 18, 1891: Herman Hollerith patents his punched card calculator, a precursor to the computer.


March 10, 1891: Almon Brown Strowger patents the telephone switch.







Arts, Culture and Literature


April 3, 1891: The Wrigley Company is founded in Chicago, Illinois.


May 1, 1891: The Music Hall in New York City (later known as Carnegie Hall) has its grand opening.


September 4, 1891: An electrical fire at the Palace of Westminster in London destroys its debating chamber.




March 4, 1891: The inaugural International Boxing Championship takes place in New Orleans.


International Events (July 4, 1890 - July 3, 1891)


January 30, 1891: Liliuokalani becomes the last monarch of the Hawaiian Kingdom.


November 14, 1891: Arthur Conan Doyle's fictional detective Sherlock Holmes makes his first appearance in "A Study in Scarlet."


April 17, 1891: French artist Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's first known drawing is made.


November 12, 1890: Eduard Bernstein's "Die Voraussetzungen des Sozialismus und die Aufgaben der Sozialdemokratie" is published in Germany.


February 5, 1891: The first official flight of the British Army's airship No. 1 takes place.


July 6, 1891: Painter Amedeo Modigliani is born in Italy.


November 21, 1890: Charles de Gaulle, a French general and statesman, is born.



September 4, 1891: An electrical fire at the Palace of Westminster in London destroys its debating chamber.


May 15, 1891: P. T. Barnum's circus begins its first tour of Europe.


June 2, 1891: Physicist Sir John Abbott discovers the spectral lines of helium for the first time.


March 20, 1891: The first known recorded contact with hockey is made in Victoria, British Columbia.


November 14, 1891: Tennis player Margaret Atwood is born in Canada.


November 21, 1890: Tennis player René Lacoste is born in France.


July 30, 1890: Artist Vincent van Gogh dies of a self-inflicted gunshot wound in France.

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