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Ways to Support Us


Interested in a one-of-kind Sponsorship Opportunity?

The Flag Day Monument has been completed!!


We continue to add funds for future maintenance and expanded features. We rely on funding from you as no tax payer dollars will pay for the maintenance. 


Thanks to many patriotic citizens and philanthropic organizations, especially Batavia Enterprises, the Community Foundation of the Fox River Valley and the Dunham Foundation, . 

Please consider contributing to the care of this historic Monument. You donations may be tax-deductible and you should contact your tax professional.


1) Buy a Brick
The Fox Valley Patriotic Organization (FVPO) continues to sell the engraved bricks that are an intregal part of the Flag Day Monument on the Riverwalk in downtown Batavia. 
There are different sizes of bricks with different amounts of letters and lines available. Prices range from $150 to $500, depending on size. Letters are lasered for clarity and endurance.

2) Buy a Coin
We are selling beautiful challenge coins and lapel pins. These items contain with a picture of our monument on the red, white and blue enameled head. These make outstanding gift for a loved one or as a momento for only $20 per coin and $10 per lapel pin. These items can be purchased from our Online Store on our webpage.

3) Make a Monetary Contribution

Please click the link below to donate cash or make checks payable to: Fox Valley Patriotic Organization. 

4) Volunteer

Please call (630) 398-1491 for volunteer opportunities. 

Thank you to all who have contributed and supported this Flag Day Monument since the idea to create it began in 2016!!

Major Naming Opportunities

5 exclusive opportunities available

   • Freedom Plaza ($100,000) - Sold

   • Liberty Education Park ($50,000)

   • Ring of Honor ($40,000) - Sold

   • Flag Pole ($25,000) - Sold

Obelisks ($40,000)

5 opportunities available

   • Cigrand Marker - Sold

   • Betsy Ross Marker - Sold

   • Star Spangled Banner Marker - Sold

   • Iwo Jima Marker

   • Moon Landing Marker

Armed Forces Markers ($15,000)

5 opportunities available

   •Army - Sold

   • Navy

   • Marines

   • Air Force - Sold

   • Coast Guard 

Reflection Benches ($5,000)

13 opportunities available

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