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Your monetary contribution can be made via PayPal or a mailed in check.


Approximately 2/3 of the funds for the building of this monument have already been raised, thanks to many patriotic citizens and philanthropic organizations (especially The Fox Valley Community Fund and the Dunham Fund). Our goal is to hopefully start the building of this monument in 2021, depending on pledges and donations able to be secured in the months ahead.

Please consider helping us to make this tribute to Dr. Cigrand a reality in 2021, as well as checking off your gift list a unique and long-lasting remembrance to a loved one.

We wish all of our fellow Batavians a memorable holiday season, filled with love and cherished time with your families and friends. May 2021 be a happy and healthy year for us all!

Mail checks to:


140 1st 

Batavia IL, 60510

USA Flag
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